KaraokeStjärnan , Nationwide Digital Talent Competition!

Karaokestjärnan is a nationwide DIGITAL talent competition for adult amateurs who love to sing, show and entertain.
Do you sing in a choir? Do you sing at work AW or the local pub’s karaoke nights, do you compete with the family in Singstar? or maybe just in the shower or a schnapps song or two we solemn occasions?

Do you dream of an opportunity to be seen and heard by a larger audience? Have you always wondered how you would place yourself in a karaoke or talent contest? Do you accept the Star Hunt’s theme challenges every month?

Regardless of your age, as long as you have turned 18 at the latest on the last day of registration or were in all of Sweden from Haparanda in the north and down to Skanör in the south where you live, you can submit competition entries in the digital, Swedish national talent competition KaraokeStjärnan!

The competition is reported under Live broadcasts via Facebook

Last Sunday of each month starting at 19:30!


The Star Hunt's monthly challenges

Collect stars in the Star Hunt’s monthly challenges. There are three ways to collect points to reach the top.

The jury’s points, Stjärntolvan and Folkets 12a.

Those who are in the Top 3 before the semi-finals are offered free competition registration in the semi-finals where three competition entries are required to be the first round competition entry must be according to the current theme.


KaraokeStjärnan’s half-year-finals.
Every six months, you have the opportunity to compete in the karaoke star’s half-year-finals.

The half-year-finals is made up in three rounds, so for the half-year-finals, three (3) entries must be submitted, of which the first-round entry must be a song according to the month’s theme. The theme of the summer final is a summer hit or summer song. The theme of the winter final is a Christmas song or winter song.


Contestants & Competition entry

KaraokeStjärnan welcomes competition entries from soloists, duets and groups!

A competition entry consists of filmed song to an instrumental “karaoke” music background.

To be considered an amateur, you must not have a main income as a singer / singer solo, duet, group or as a member of a choir. You must not have been signed to a record company in the last three (3) years.

You can record with or without audio equipment.

Judging the quality of the competition entry is NOT a criterion for the jury, but your face must be visible throughout your performance.

If you have any problems with creating, uploading or copying the link to your competition entry, do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

To be eligible for this talent hunt, you must be registered in Sweden, have a Swedish social security number and turn 18 by the last registration date.

The karaoke star is created so that you who want to participate and compete should be able to do so all the time!

Whoever wins three (3) of Karokestjärnan’s semi-finals goes up one level and becomes a KaraokeNova. Whoever manages to win three (3) semi-finals like KaraokeNova becomes a KaraokeSuperNova

A KaraokeNova always competes against other KaraokeNovas even in the Star Hunt!

instrumental Karaoke backgrounds

Swedish and international Karaoke backgrounds, instrumental backgrounds with text, can be found at singa.com, They also have an app you can download to your mobile.

Everyone who registers for the competition gets 30 days free access to Singa Pro. The campaign link will be sent to you after you have entered the competition and paid the registration fee.

You can buy instrumental backgrounds of Swedish songs at SingBack.se

For a wider range of international karaoke backgrounds, check out karafun.com. You can also buy international karaoke at karaoke-version.com


The jury consists of at least 3 jury members. The jury’s assignments are done digitally, via Google forms.

The jury judges anonymously and individually, according to three clear criteria with a points scale.

  • Song, Song quality, pitch & song selection 1-10,
  • Performance, entertainment value & feeling 1-10 as well
  • other that is entirely up to the jury member. 0-5.
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