Star hunt VT 2021

Star Hunt's monthly challenge.


Collect stars in Star Hunt's monthly challenges. There are three ways to collect points to reach the top.  

Every month a new challenge in the form of genre, age or artist.

  • The competition registration opens after the live broadcast.
  • The deadline for registration of the competition, payment of the registration fee and submission of all competition entries is the third (3rd) Sunday of the current month
  • Number of entries: One (1) per participating soloist, duet or group according to the theme of the month
  • Registration fee: 50;-

The star hunt is personal and the number of stars is awarded individually regardless of whether you compete as a soloist, duet or in a group. Should you collect stars as a duet or group in a monthly challenge, the stars will be awarded individually to all participants in the competition entry.

The star hunt is reset after every six months finale.

Star hunt top list

1Maria K60*******
2Jimmy S30***
3Mia A25***
4Vera K24**
5Ulla M20***
6Sandra H18**
8Jamie H12*
9Tobias M10*
10Carina H8*
11Johannes C6*
11Abe A6*
13Adam L4*
14Marilena S2*
14Helena Ö2*
15Thomas J1*
15Sussanne E1*

Star hunt VT 2021

Follow the link above for more information about this month's theme challenge, jurors, contestants, competition entries and results.

The page is updated continuously

The jury assesses anonymously and individually, according to three clear criteria with a score scale.

  • Singing, Song quality, pitch & song selection 1-10,
  • Performance, entertainment value & feeling 1-10 and
  • which is entirely up to the juror. 0-5.

Points are awarded in the form of 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 & 1 to top 7.


On the jury, every month there's a Jury Star. One of the jury members will have the opportunity to award 12 stars to their favorite of the month's competition entries. The jury star Can be an artist or other person who represents the music/artist industry and is related to this month's theme.

Jury score


The people's 12th is awarded to the competition entry, which from Friday at 5 pm to Sunday at 5 pm, before live broadcast, received the most likes on youtube. This is the competition participants and their fans' chance to influence the placement in Stjärnjakten.

The scores in Folkets12a in the semi-final are divided in the same way as the jury's 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 &1 to the top 7 so that "The People" becomes an additional juror.

Semi-final in June & December


Those in the Top 3 for the semi-final are offered free competition registration in the semi-final where three entries are required to be the first round of competition entries must be according to the current theme.

Sign up for the semi-final


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